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The Wild Geese story started long, long ago (1998 to be exact!) at McCann's, a small Irish pub on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Finn's blind date had gone horribly wrong. All was lost until he heard two guys playing Irish music in the other room. He picked up his pride and followed the magical sounds of a tenor banjo and acoustic guitar. There before him was Fionan O'Sea, from Dublin, and Robin Hearn, from who knows where. . . Finn listened for a while, then asked if he could sing a song for them. Robin said to Fionan, "Who's the suit?" Well, I guess you can say that's history because from that day forward The Wild Geese was born.

The Wild Geese performed at every opportunity they could. Then one night Finn met Patrick Murphy from Gaelic Storm. Patrick told Finn to quit his job with a Customs Broker and play Irish music full time . . . "Do what you love and the money will follow." That Monday Finn followed Patrick's advice and quit his job. A year later, Finn ran into Patrick Murphy again and told him the news . . . to which Patrick replied laughing, "I was just kidding!" 

The Wild Geese has since had the honor of having 12 amazing musicians pass through the band's door over the past 23 yrs. It's been a interesting time to see the band evolve around founding member Finn, with Jason, Andrew, Davey, Bill, and Megan rounding out the latest line-up. On special occasions you may even see other friends of the band joining in!

The Wild Geese have performed hundreds of shows at pubs, festivals, AOH events, concerts, TV (WQED On-Q) & live radio (WDVE 102.5 FM & WEDO 810AM), and even at Heinz Field for the American Ireland Fund Gala!

The Wild Geese continue to remind folks where they came from and where they're going, but most of all. . . being Irish American isn't just one day of the year for us. Living and loving the Irish way is everyday.

The Wild Geese isn't what we do . . . this is who we are.


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